We find out which is the best cheese to stuff in your sandwich!

Mozzarella A first-class sandwich stuffer with a great balance of protein and fat, and enough substance to stand in for meat.
Swiss It’s low in sodium and offers a good amount of protein. The best part about it? It pairs perfectly with any cold cut you place underneath it.
Cheddar This cheese contains about the same amount of calories as Swiss, but nearly three times the sodium.
Chilli cheese Looking to add fire? Put sliced jalapenos on your sandwich. You’ll dodge the 100-calorie overload of a single slice of this cheese.
Processed cheese slice These slices may look innocuous, but they’re high in salt, and  the  ingredient list reads like a chemistry quiz.


Link: http://www.menshealth.co.uk/food-nutrition/what-to-eat/best-worst-cheese-338354