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Packing for the holidays, I’ve realized that something was missing. I got my towel, check! I got my flip flops, bikini, sun cream, after sun lotion, books and magazines, t-shirts, shorts.. check check check! And what else (as George Clooney says)? What about a hat?

I thought I should go for a classical hat that I could use also in different occasions. And here I have found Panames & Co.

Panames & Co revisits Panama, calls for every day to make these hats a fashion accessory that you got carry it everywhere. It’s a new brand founded in Paris, by a very lovely young couple.France and Cédric

The hats are handmade in Ecuador, selected by Homero Ortega, the most renowned manufacturers of the country and sent to France, where they are reworked.

To allow fashionistas to always keep their hats on, they have developed a system to change oneself ribbon and adapt to the mood of the day!
Also my dad is a big fan of Panames & Co 🙂 Here it is their Facebook Fan Pagepanama1 panama2


Here you can find more info about the hats: visit the website

À bientôt!

(thanks to France and Cédric)

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